Regular maintenance for laser cutting machines

All machines for metal sheet processing such as, for instance, bending machines and CO2 laser cutting machines, are very advanced and, therefore, they may need specific technical assistance.

Laser Service company, one of the most important companies as far as the sale of metal sheet processing machines is concerned, offers a professional and regular assistance service on any type of CO2 laser cutting machine with source by Fanuc or Trumpf.

By contacting us, you will have the guarantee of getting in touch with a competent technical staff, able to carry out decisive interventions and restore the correct functioning of the machine.

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Technical assistance

Thanks to the professional training and competence of our technical staff, we are able to offer to our customers a telephone assistance which, very often, proves to be decisive: through a simple description of the problem and an interview with specific questions, our employees are able to identify the entity of the failure and to suggest the method of intervention by phone.

So, in this way and without any additional charge, it is possible to restore operativity and production efficiency immediately; should the situation not evolve in a positive way, our technicians, already equipped with original spare parts, can promptly intervene on site within 24 hours.

Spare parts’ assistance

Concerning the consumable spare parts Laser Service, one of the most important companies as far as the trade of regenerated machinery for laser cutting and metal sheet processing is concerned, offers to its customers the opportunity to purchase the single spare part, without necessarily requiring the intervention of its technicians for the installation, thus saving on the service cost.

If, on the other hand, the customer prefers to require the complete service from the professionists, a technicians’ team will be at your disposal.

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