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We buy pre-owned machines for metal sheet processing

Are you turning to ads like “looking for”, “selling” or “buying” for the purchase and sale of machinery for cutting or working metal sheet? Do you pay attention to all opportunities about pre-owned machines coming from bankruptcies?

There is a much simpler and safer solution: Laser Service, one of the most important companies dealing in the trade of refurbished tool machines; we are interested in purchasing any laser cutting machinery or bending machine for metal sheet processing.

Since many years now, our company stands out as one of the ideal partners to rely on for the sale of second-hand machines, being them submitted to a complete refurbishing process, aiming to restore the original conditions of the machinery itself.

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Refurbished machinerythe guarantee of the new unit paying as second-hand one

The refurbished tool machines represent a great advantage for those who carry out a productive activity: it’s about, indeed, second-hand machinery, being submitted to complete regeneration processes and specific tests to check the proper operation, providing for immediate repairing operation, should any outbreak happen.

So, in this way, you can restore the original conditions of the tool machine, making it reliable and capable of high performance from the production standpoint and equal to a new one.

Besides these benefits, there is the possibility of significant savings on the purchase charges: compared to a machine of the same kind, but new, a refurbished tool machine, indeed, involves a lower investment, although it does not result in less exhaustive performances.

The refurbished tool machines, indeed, represent a practical solution to save money, without compromising on quality: thanks to an extended one-year warranty from the trial run’s date, in addition, you can benefit from of free technical assistance, should any sudden malfunction or breakdown happen.

We are interested in any kind of metal sheet processing machinery, it doesn’t matter if it is particularly old or malfunctioning!

We refurbish all kind of machines even the oldest ones

Laser Service company represents one of the most important centers for trading in refurbished tool machines for processing metal materials .

We take care, on one handof selling metal laser cutting machines and refurbished metal sheet benders; on the other onewe buy second-hand machinery in good condition.

In this way, we can guarantee our customers a wide choice of products and models, being each one is specific for a determined manufacturing process.

If you wish to receive detailed information about a tool machine, or if you want to require an evaluation, without any commitment, of your used machine, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, by filling the dedicated form.

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