Tool machines’ overhaul

Because of production purposes, not only the efficiency guarantee of machines is basically important, but their safety, too; for this reason, it is essential to submit any tool machine (from the laser cutting machine to the metal sheet bending press) to a periodic check.

Laser Service, one of the most important companies for the supply of refurbished metal sheet processing machinery, even takes care of carrying out its overhaul.

You can contact us to check the correct functioning of bending machines and laser cutting machines and their sources.

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What ``overhauls`` mean

“Overhaul” means a thorough analysis of the machine’s condition with the consequent replacement of all worn parts or subject to wear ones. During the analysis, the machine is disassembled in all its mechanical and automation components.

Laser Service replaces all components subject to wear with original spare parts and re-assembling, consequently, the machine. After that, our technicians will carry out a pre-test at the presence of the customer, to verify the correct operation of the refurbished machine.

In case of metal sheet laser cutting machines, together with the proper overhaul carried out on the source, “heart” of the machine itself, it is even possible to carry out checks on the mechanical components such as, for instance, the pallet changer or racks.

These checks allow to maintain a constant and high production capacity of the tool machine for a long time.

Safety and high performance

The overhaul has, therefore, a dual task: on one side, it states the machine’s safety, on the other side, it checks its correct functioning, finding out any fault and enabling an immediate restoration intervention.

To ensure a careful and thorough service, it is very important to rely on expert companies in the sector, such as Laser Service, one of the most important centers dealing in the trade of refurbished tool machines for metal sheet processing.

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