Reconditioned Benders

Are you looking for a second-hand or reconditioned bending press for metal sheet processing? Contact us!

Do you want to buy a metal sheet bender at an affordable price? Do you have to make a particularly complex bend to your metal sheet? Are you heading to “I’m looking for metal sheet bending press” ads, but but without finding the product you like?

In this case, the best decision is to contact Laser Service, one of the most important companies dealing in the sale of new or, better, regenerated machines for metal sheet processing.

Relying on us, you will get in touch with qualified technical staff being able to provide you with all the information concerning metal sheet processing machines and different models of benders.

We handle reconditioned benders of Trumpf, Amada and LVD brands. Get in touch with us, by filling the dedicated form, to require a quote.

Guaranteed and quality products

When investing in a metal sheet processing machine, it is basically important to know what you are buying, and being sure to make use of your resources in the best way.

For this reason, it is essential to choose reliable and certified products, whether it may be new machines or refurbished models.

In this case, machines are subject to a procedure for restoring the original functioning and ensuring high performance: in this way, without giving up the production capacity, it will be obtained a considerable saving.

It is not possible to define the optimal solution you can choose, as this depends on different factors such as, for instance, business needs; it is therefore important to contact a serious and competent company, able to offer a wide range of products and to present the main features of each of them, so that the customer can evaluate the purchase to the best.

The ideal solution in any situation

Laser Service represents one of the ideal partners to rely on for the purchase of new and reconditioned machinery for metal sheet processing.

Well known for its proven seriousness, the company is one of the most important reference points for the sector, as it is able to ensure, by its products, exceptional quality and satisfactory production capacity.

If you wish to receive more detailed information about the services we can offer, do not hesitate to contact us, by filling the dedicated form.