Reconditioned Laser Cutting machines

Are you looking for a second-hand laser? Rely on us!

Are you looking for economical solutions for metal sheet processing and different metals? Do you want to buy metal sheet cutting machines at a profitable cost?

The optimal solution is to prefer used systems but, to be sure about the quality of products, it is essential to contact reliable and expert companies in the sector, such as Laser Service, one of the most important companies for the reconditioning and sale of laser cutting machines.

We offer our customers a wide range of CO2 or fiber source laser cutting machines, even small ones; we can grant a professional and competent service, by ensuring a very profitable quality / price ratio.

Do not hesitate to contact us: you will get in touch with a team made up of highly qualified technicians, at your disposal to recommend and guide you in your choice, offering you the opportunity to choose a both economic and efficient solution.

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Why buy a reconditioned laser cutting machine?

The laser cutting machine is a precision instrument for metal sheet processing, able to considerably speed up production times and simplifying their steps.

To enjoy this kind of advantages, it is essential for the machine to be in excellent condition and efficiently working; it does not mean, however, that it must have just got out from the parent-company’s premise.

Indeed, there are laser cutting machines having been refurbished in perfect conditions and able to ensure reliability and high performance in the production perspective.

To guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the performance of the product, we recommend you only to contact companies specialized in complete reconditioning, to submit machines (including the source) to an internal test (a pre-test) to verify their correct functioning before these are installed the customer’s premise.

So, in this way it will be possible to contain the costs for purchasing the machinery, without giving up the investment’s optimization, thanks to the production capacity and long life of the refurbished machine.

An engineers’ team at your service

The purchase of a refurbished laser cutting machine is an intelligent solution, as it offers an excellent quality/price ratio, as well as high production capacity.

By contacting Laser Service, one of the most important companies dealing in the sale of second-hand and reconditioned laser cutting machines, you will have the guarantee of buying a valid product at a low cost.

Before selling, machines and sources that we handle are submitted to a complete regeneration and to a test to check the correct functioning, so that we can offer our customers an extremely valid product for which one-year warranty is provided.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get further information about our products.