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Laser Service: one of the most important retailers of spare parts for laser cutting machines

Laser Service is one of the best companies for the supply of spare parts for metal sheet processing machines.

If you own an old machine, it will probably be very difficult to find original spare parts; this is because parent-companies, after about 10/15 years from the introduction of the machine on the market, are no longer required to let the various spare parts be available. So, the solution is not to change the machinery, the best one is Laser Service: our company, as a matter of fact, relying on highly skilled technicians, is able to regenerate even the oldest spare parts, ensuring perfect functionality.

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One-year warranty

One of the main peculiarities of our company is, undoubtedly, the care for the products we deal with; as a matter of fact, all machines and spare parts we sell are submitted to a complete regeneration process, restoring their original condition and perfect functioning.

After that, a pre-test operation is carried out, to ensure that no malfunctions occur; then, a second check will take place, after the installation on site, together with the first start-up (procedure lasting from 3 to 10 days).

Our technicians carry out checks and surveys on site to ensure that the machine is actually in production; after that, the one-year extended warranty from the trial run’s allows the benefit of technical assistance, free of charge.

Attention to the Customer oriented

Laser Service, one of the most important landmarks, as far as spare parts’ supply, even for particularly “aged” machines, is concerned, offers its customers a wide range of products from best brands, to ensure the best quality.

We offer our customers a technical assistance service, even by telephone, able to solve nearly any kind of problem.

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