Extraordinary maintenance

Extraordinary maintenance for Trumpf, Amada or LVD machines

Laser Service, one of the most important companies dealing with the regeneration and trade of second-hand machinery for metal sheet processing, offers technical assistance and maintenance services, both ordinary and extraordinary.

Extraordinary maintenance is a planned intervention, usually carried out after a given number of working hours of the machine.

We promptly act on site, after a first phone diagnosis, with our skilled technicians already equipped with the correct replacement components, for restoring the optimal machine functionality.

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Quick and easy solutions

One of the most relevant aspects of Laser Service, one of the main companies dealing in the trade of regenerated machines for metal sheet processing, is surely the ability to identify the fastest and most advantageous solution for customers.

As a matter of fact, our skilled technical staff is also available for phone diagnostic consultations, by which, after a short interview, it is often possible to understand the origin of the problem and suggest the solution, without necessarily having to get on site.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn, in more details, our extraordinary maintenance service.